Camila Rosa is a young Brazilian illustrator and visual artist who resides in New York City and whose illustrations depict women of all ages and cultures as being confident, powerful, and resilient. She views herself as a political artist whose illustrations reflect the importance of women educating themselves, taking charge, fighting racism, sexism, and body shaming. I was able to meet and see her work at The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY in  2019. To view and purchase her illustrations go to
The Month of  March celebrates all that is good about being a woman and the many contributions we have made even as society’s systemic barriers try to keep us down. This is especially true of women of color who truly are trailblazers in breaking that glass ceiling.  Shout out to Vice President Kamala Harris for doing just that. One more glass ceiling to go and this country will be all the better for it.  Happy to re-post this article in celebration of Women’s History Month. 
 As we continue to prepare ourselves for 2021, this becomes another year of trying to remain safe while ensuring our livelihood and health.   More than ever women need to empower themselves, My mother often said, “Las Mujeres son espejos de si mismas “(Women are mirrors of each other).   As women, we best learn from each other. I offer the following wisdom learned from successful women and men with the hope that one or all of them resonate with your goals to be empowered.  We have developed an 8×10 poster that you can download and post on a wall, in a journal on even on a mirror where it may help to inspire and keep you on your journey to fulfillment during these uncertain times.
  • You need to be an expert at something, at least one thing.   Although being an expert in 2-3 areas is highly preferable. Find your niche …combining the best of these skills and build on it.
  • Always find time to hone your skills and to learn new ones—- challenging yourself to be at the cutting edge of your field and trade.   You cannot be on the sidelines expecting on-the-job training to be sufficient.
  • Take charge of your health ––   this means proper nutrition and exercise including your families.  Take care of your health —looking your best includes also being sexy at any age or size as long as you’re healthy. 
  • Create a balance between the demands of your work, your children, and/or your significant other — learn to say no –set limits and don’t compromise on things you really want and believe in.
  • Become tech-savvy– this will help you increase your efficiency and effectiveness, but it is also a way to explore and learn new things. Use the most effective learning tool in technology today … the webinar.
  • Create within you a “discipline of planning” – set goals that are achievable and stay focus on the outcomes —make this an addiction —a way of life.
  • Believe and love your self— only you can work on those things that are undermining your confidence.
  • Be charitable with your money and time; give back— the rewards are limitless when you do.
  •  Be wise with your money and build a strong financial base within your reach –don’t depend on someone else for your financial security.
  • Recharge your batteries often.    Enjoy life, travel alone, with friends or family, find a hobby– discover the creativity in you the artist in you.   We all have it; we just need to tap into it.