Merida MX Series #1…Getting to Know Merida

I arrived in Merida for the first time for a 10-day visit to connect with a friend and to venture on my own. Driving from the airport to my destination, you get to experience a hidden gem of an old colonial city that has been through its fair share of economic struggles and is slowly becoming a place that is timeless and exceptionally gifted. This is a seven-storytelling series on the magic of Merida, Mexico rated as one of the best cities to travel to in 2022.

Merida MX Series #2… Yucatán’s Enchanting Cenotes

In Merida, there are tours to reach many of the Yucatán cenotes within an hour’s drive. I had planned to go to at least two cenotes, although I only managed to get to one. My friend highly recommended the Hacienda Mucuyche Cenote, which did not disappoint. Mucuyche is one of the most developed cenotes for tourism, having everything from a gift shop to a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool with lockers and many other amenities. Frankly, done of that matters once you climb down and you come face to face with the mystery, magic and beauty of this

Merida MX Series #3… The Mayapán Ruins and Mayan Culture

There are over 200 archaeological ruins throughout the Yucatán peninsula. In close proximity to the city of Merida, there are at least four Mayan ruins that you can do a day trip. The Mayapán ruins are less than an hour from Merida and are pretty impressive, as it was once considered the capital center of Mayan civilization in all of Yucatan. The ruins are quite extraordinary, allowing you to visualize what this community looked like in its heyday and to experience how Mayan culture persists to this day….

Film Review: We Feed People …Chef Jose Andres, a World Traveler of a Special Kind

More than a decade ago I came across an article (in one of those flight magazine)  about this Spanish chef, an upcoming food entrepreneur who immigrated to the US known for his introduction of Spanish cuisine, tapas (shared small plates) and the art of molecular gastronomy.   Besides noting Chef José Andrés’ many accomplishments, what mostly stuck in my head when reading this article, was his immediate commitment to volunteering at a Washington DC soup kitchen upon his arrival.   Over the next 12+ years, with a growing portfolio of 30 enterprises, we get to experience in this newly Emmy nominated

The Perez Art Miami Museum… Getting to Know Two Latino Pioneer Artists

It’s been several years since I visited the Perez Art Miami Museum (PAMM) and on my recent trip to this amazing city, I stopped by to reconnect.   This is truly a unique institution with a mission of serving international contemporary modern artists of the 20th and 21st centuries committed to advancing a more inclusive, humane society.  The museum is constructed on a  20-acre museum park on the Biscayne Bay surrounded by spectacular views of skyscrapers on one side and the ocean on the opposite side.  Once inside this uniquely designed building, there were several new exhibitions, of which two

Self-Care:  How Best to Manage Stress and Anxiety in this Post-Pandemic Era

Since the pandemic, my stress levels have made me rethink how I want to live the rest of my life and how best can I manage aging in the healthiest way possible. This of course requires making significant behavior changes as well as being more informed about your body and emotional state of mind.   I recently caught the BA4 COVID strain and even though I am fully vaccinated and boosted, it was indeed a bad flu experience that I would not wish on anyone.  Over the last  6 months, I read several books, magazines and articles on self-care intending

A Visit to the Lakota Sioux Tribe Reservation at the Badlands National Park

I recently came across an article about the Lakota Sioux tribe and immediately experienced a flashback of a group project that took us to a reservation in the Badlands National Park near Rapid City, South Dakota in 2019. Driving through the Badlands was a photographer’s dream, especially for an urban dweller. Meeting and learning so much from this American Native tribe was a phenomenal experience and one I would love to repeat.  Here’s why….

Art Fairs in NYC …. Going Wild in 2022

May 5-12  was New York City Art Week. As expected, there were plenty of art fairs and gallery openings for anyone who wants to be inspired or learn about what today’s contemporary artists are creating.  I managed to attend three art fairs, all of them interesting and over the top with all kinds of messaging from climate change to reproductive rights, nuclear proliferation and just fun pieces that range from the peculiar to the outlandish.   I am happy to share the venues and photos of what seem to be trending these days….  

Top Best Travel Apps to Get You to Any Destination 

Whether I am traveling domestically or internationally travel apps are part of my arsenal in enhancing my efficiency when planning any trip by car, train, or plane. We all have experienced how frustrating and stressful planning any trip can be. Today, there are travel apps for everything — whether you are booking a trip, in need of a travel guide or planner or basic utility needs such as a currency converter to  language translators.  Many of them are also free. Here is my top list of go-to travel apps I use when traveling that you may want to check

Visiting Cuba: Is Now a Good Time?

Good news for Cuba, President Joe Biden on June 1 of this year has finally gotten around to revoking a series of restrictions on flights to Cuba that were imposed by Donald Trump allowing US airlines to fly to all of Cuba’s airports. Unfortunately, this falls short of fully reinstating the Obama administration policies towards Cuba.  A bit disappointing for folks who would like to travel freely to the island. I was fortunate to visit Havana, Cuba in 2017 when President Obama had lifted US restrictions, allowing travelers to independently travel to Cuba without being part of an authorized

A Review of the Off Broadway Musical “Americano”

If you’re looking for an opportunity to see a wonderful musical that doesn’t break the bank, then you have until June 19 to go see Americano: A New Musical at the New World Stages theater in midtown Manhattan.  This musical is a true and uplifting story of a young immigrant brought to the US illegally as a child, unbeknownst to him finding out later in life that his dream to join the Marines would be shattered.     We know these individuals as dreamers. There are 3.6 million dreamers waiting for an opportunity to become US citizens and this musical

Spending a “Memorial” Weekend in New York City

  Nothing beats spending a weekend holiday in Manhattan followed by pleasant weather and a long list of things to do over two days. The crowds were intense, although the same could be said of most beaches during the Memorial weekend.  Best part was not having to get into your car or hop on the train to get back home after a long day of visiting the Met, watching a musical, dining and drinking.   If you are looking to plan a short weekend getaway here is what we managed to do….

Beaches and Sunsets in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlán, known as the Pearl of the Pacific, is at the western edge of Mexico on the opposite side of the Baja Peninsula, facing the coast of Cabo San Lucas.  Not as easy to get there if you are coming from the Northeast. Yet, a popular vacation and retirement destination for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Latin Americans.  Tropical perfected weather all year round with miles of beaches, sunsets and cultural experiences to escape to and forget your worries and deadlines.

The Dallas Art Museum… A Perfect Day Trip for Art Lovers

If you are planning to be in Dallas for a day trip or longer and you are looking for how best to use your time, let me suggest visiting the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center.  Both amazing institutions are part of the Dallas Arts District, one of the largest in the country.   The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is also one of the top ten largest museums in the US having one of the most comprehensive art collections that reflects the entire globe and, surprisingly, admission is free all the time.

20 Inspirational Quotes to Make You Want to Travel

Inspirational quotes are my go-to when I need a bit of motivation to get my butt off the couch and to start planning.  The toughest part of traveling is getting started by making those plans early on amid hectic days of grinding work and demands on your personal life.  While there are tons of inspirational quotes, the ones that resonate most are those that inspire me to travel and open my mind to discovering and learning new things….

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