Film Review: Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher ….A Love Affair 

Surfing thorough the many options available on Netflix, not knowing what to see, I came across a documentary of the life of an octopus and her relationship with a human, actually a man. The film is a gem to watch as you experience a real-life interaction with nature. I, for one (with a bit of shame) love – love to eat grilled octopus as it is one of my favorite dishes.  Watching this film about these amazing creatures makes one think twice about eating them. Here, why….

Sustainable Travel … What Exactly Does It Mean?

Sustainable travel continues to evolve as more environmentally conscious travelers are seeking ways to reduce their carbon print in response to the climate changes we are all seeing throughout the world. But sustainable travel is more than cutting back on emissions. It is also how you, as a tourist or traveler, treat the countries that you visit and how your decisions from buying bottled water to souvenirs impacts the local economy of countries and their indigenous communities. Are you interested in knowing more?

Memories of My Mother’s Clotheslines

As a tribute to my mother on this Mother’s Day who I dearly miss, I am reposting this story that I wrote two years ago, thinking of her and remembering how much my travels reminded me of her. This story does not contain that much information about my mom as its focus is on how I remember her when seeing and photographing clotheslines. This experience made me so curious about what is no longer a common practice in the US. But more importantly, it is such a wonderful memory of both my childhood and my mother’s flawless clotheslines….

Review: The Michael Jackson Musical … on the better part of his life

If I were planning to go see a Broadway musical, it most likely would not be about Michael Jackson. However, when somebody invites you as their guest, it’s hard to say no even if you do not have high expectations. Interestingly, the musical was quite exhilarating and enjoyable, although not as transparent. Not that it matters for most folks, the music and the early years of Michael’s life are nostalgic enough to go see the show….

The Harlem Fine Arts Show… Buying Black Art!

This year the Harlem Fine Arts Show celebrated its 15th anniversary in New York City, bringing together black art gallery owners, art collectives and artists to celebrate 15 years of ensuring opportunities for Black Art to thrive. Buying Black Art or what is sometimes referred to as African Diaspora Art has become increasingly popular among both novice and seasoned collectors of all nationalities. Yet there is still a long road to inclusion…

The Latino World Travel Fest… Creating a Path For Others to Venture

Did you know Latinos account for over $56 billion in leisure travel every year? Yet there is no national or regional community presence for empowering Latinos to connect and travel. Well, at least not until recently, thanks to what was started as an online community Facebook travel group. Latino World Travelers (LWT) seeks to empower Latinx to explore the world and diversify the face of travel. A pretty bold statement that certainly may me curious to attend their first in person conference this year …..

Visiting Africa Series #5 : Elmina Castle and the Island of Gorée– Slave Forts…. a Visit of Conscience

This story sums up the series on my October trip to Africa and speaks to the most profound part of my visit in recognition of Black History Month. So little is known about how Africans were enslaved and transported to the Americas. How the Portuguese, the British, the French and the Dutch built and managed a series of slave ports on the West African coast which transported over 12 million slaves to the New World with more than 2 million dying during this treacherous journey*. We visited two slave forts—-the island of Gorée and the Elmina Castle, both

The Relevance of Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries … Now More than Ever

As I reach the important milestone of turning 70 years old, I can’t help thinking how shorter the path is in front of me as I pause and reflect on what will truly make me happy and purposeful. How do I celebrate a healthy 70 of which I’m most grateful, even though I don’t move as quickly as I used to? A year ago, I wrote an article about the relevance of celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries of which I am re-posting with some minor edits on the third anniversary of my blog. Upon reading it, I immediately made plans to

A Review of the 2023 New York Travel and Adventure Show….and what not to do! 

“Travel is back and stronger than ever”…. that seems to be the motto for this year’s annual travel show. In early January, the former New York Times Travel show was packed with folks booking deals on what is expected to be another crowded travel year. Besides over 100 exhibitors of vacation destinations, there were plenty of celebrity speakers on all that is good and bad about traveling in 2023. For sure, there was plenty of advice on how to travel like a pro and discover one-of-a-kind destinations. Here is what I learned ….

A Visit to Loreto, Mexico…A Road Less Traveled and all its Splendor

Loreto, Mexico is in the Baja California Sur peninsula about 300 miles from Cabo San Lucas. The town faces the Sea of Cortez, an amazing body of water of the color of lapis lazuli where whales come to mate and birth their young between the months of January-March. The town is surrounded by what is known as the Sierra de la Giganta, a mountain range of rugged golden hills in a desert environment of immense beauty and mystery. If you are looking for a road less traveled or a change of scenery, you may want to head out to

 A Review: From Beyond King Tut… The Immersive Experience

The rise of immersive exhibitions are making their way through the US, offering us a new way of learning and exploring the arts competing with art fairs, galleries and museums for your eyes and money. More recently, I dragged my kid sister to see the King Tut immersive exhibition in NYC before it closed, now headed to its next major city. There are pros and cons to what this new entertainment media offers and its potential. This latest craze in interactive art and virtual reality stimulation so far is gaining traction. Here’s how?

A Review: Whitney Museum Exhibition on Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of Hurricane Maria …..”no existe un mundo poshuracán”

This exhibition by Puerto Rican artists and curators at the Whitney Museum is a first step in helping to understand the complexity of Puerto Rico/US colonial status disguised as a commonwealth. The exhibition merges the long-term damage of US policies on the island’s sovereignty and its economy with the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria followed by more disastrous policies and the recent earthquakes hence the phrase “no existe un mundo poshuracán.

2022: Year in Review: The Best and Worst Events in an Unsettling Year

As 2022 comes to an end, I can’t help thinking about what went well, and what didn’t. I remain stupefied over how quickly this year has left us. Yup, so much that I wanted to accomplish and didn’t quite get there. Yet, grateful to be alive and healthy to try again. In thinking back and reflecting on the events of 2022, we can be both grateful and disappointed at how the world is changing. Let me rephrase that… our humanity is changing. In reviewing all that we have seen and heard in 2022, here is my best shot

2022 Art Basel Miami … Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in Grand Style

After two years of uncertainty caused by the pandemic this year Art Basel was in full force not holding anything back as the art world descended on the city of Miami for a week of art, fashion, music, and partying. Thousands of art collectors, dealers, artists, curators, celebrities and party animals will experience what is most likely the biggest international art fair in all of North America. Every December this art fair, which is now an entire week, gets bigger and better as it is no longer just concentrated at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This year, Miami Art

Visiting Africa Series #4: Ghana…the Gold Coast

Our next stop was to Accra, Ghana’s capital, where we stayed the last three remaining days of our 16-day trip. Too short of a time to really experience all that this country offers but enough to walk away with a deeper understanding of West African culture and its connection to America’s African diaspora. Driving through the Ivory Coast, you get to see the contrast between the natural beauty of this country, and its people….

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