Is Fashion Art  …or is it just a Trend?

There has been a growing interest on the part of museums to curate fashion exhibitions as part of their programming. By chance, in 2023, I attended 4 fashion exhibitions among New York City museums. This prompted me to raise the question is fashion art? Not everyone thinks it is. Some have debated that the gallery space should be used for traditional forms of art. Yet attendance at these exhibitions have helped museums increase both traffic and admission fees. Both are good reasons to continue the trend. If you are planning to be in the city any time between now and

Visiting NYC Series #2: Spotlight on the High Line…a Green Oasis in the Sky

Since the High Line Park opened in 2009, I have been enamored with its development over the last 14 years, its significance to the city and how we as a society can reinvent historic abandoned structures to conform to a new future. This is known as “creative place making” and NYC has many exemplary models of how it does this. For me, the High Line, (a green oasis in the sky surrounded by skyscrapers), remains an exceptional prototype of what is possible. Here is a bit of my perspective on why a visit to this place is good for both

Downsizing and Transitioning into a New Chapter…. Where do we Start?

You are getting close to being  70 and you no longer love what you do as much. The house that you worked so hard to renovate and make it your sanctuary ain’t cutting it anymore, although the kitchen is still your favorite spot. Family and friends are moving on to new careers, ventures and places while you are thinking about what’s next for you. You long for change that is both purposeful and fun. …….. How does one begin?…..

Visiting NYC Series #1: Spotlight on the Chelsea Neighborhood

I always loved the idea of living in New York City without the hassle of a job, just being a city traveler navigating this urban jungle of cement, steel, glass and its many famous landmarks. Over the years, I have been enamored with how the Chelsea neighborhood has become this vibrant and evolving community, a veritable melting pot of everything I love about city life. For too many years, I have been a suburbanite. A six-week stay in the center of Chelsea, 2 blocks from the High Line is a dream come true. Here is what I have experienced

Karl Lagerfeld’s Exhibition at the MET: Controversial and Dazzling

As someone who loves both art and fashion, I didn’t want to miss seeing the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition even if the options were to go on the last day and in the rain. Karl Lagerfeld was both a controversial figure and a genius designer, although you would not know from viewing this exhibition, which focused on the latter. This brings to question what exactly should be the role of museums in storytelling. Do they not have a responsibility to present the entire profile of an artist? Does society not benefit from knowing both the art and the artist?….

New York Art Week Extravaganza 2023

The month of May is when the Big Apple is celebrating its Art Week, stretching it from May 5th through 22nd, where museums, galleries and art fairs come together to share the best of what the art world offers. For art lovers, this is a great time for a spring break or a weekend stay in NYC when the weather is generally at its best behavior. I managed to attend three art fairs on the last weekend of this extravaganza before it ended. Here’s what I like and didn’t much care for….

In These Chaotic Times …How To Travel Safe And Smart

Many of us are making plans to travel this summer at a time when the tourism industry is exploding from so much demand caused by the pandemic. Besides the increased costs, and the huge crowds, there is also the growing concern over safety. When I mention to folks about my plans to move to Mexico for 6 months, I am often asked “isn’t it too dangerous to go to Mexico?”. The assumption being that the entire country is not safe. Let’s be clear, crime is everywhere, much like in the US. It’s important to be guarded at all times

Film Review: A Man Called Otto…. A story about small yet important wins in life

Having seen the trailer on Tom Hanks’ recent movie “A Man Called Otto”, it frankly did not pique my interest. I love Tom Hanks as an actor and a humanitarian, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to see a movie that reminded me of an older, grumpier Forrest Gump character. After 10 minutes of scrolling through movies to watch on Netflix and not finding anything that sparked my curiosity, I settled on what was familiar to me. Surprise, surprise, this movie is a gem and so inspiring as it touches on the complexity of human emotions and how it

Film Review: Netflix’s My Octopus Teacher ….A Love Affair 

Surfing thorough the many options available on Netflix, not knowing what to see, I came across a documentary of the life of an octopus and her relationship with a human, actually a man. The film is a gem to watch as you experience a real-life interaction with nature. I, for one (with a bit of shame) love – love to eat grilled octopus as it is one of my favorite dishes.  Watching this film about these amazing creatures makes one think twice about eating them. Here, why….

Sustainable Travel … What Exactly Does It Mean?

Sustainable travel continues to evolve as more environmentally conscious travelers are seeking ways to reduce their carbon print in response to the climate changes we are all seeing throughout the world. But sustainable travel is more than cutting back on emissions. It is also how you, as a tourist or traveler, treat the countries that you visit and how your decisions from buying bottled water to souvenirs impacts the local economy of countries and their indigenous communities. Are you interested in knowing more?

Memories of My Mother’s Clotheslines

As a tribute to my mother on this Mother’s Day who I dearly miss, I am reposting this story that I wrote two years ago, thinking of her and remembering how much my travels reminded me of her. This story does not contain that much information about my mom as its focus is on how I remember her when seeing and photographing clotheslines. This experience made me so curious about what is no longer a common practice in the US. But more importantly, it is such a wonderful memory of both my childhood and my mother’s flawless clotheslines….

Review: The Michael Jackson Musical … on the better part of his life

If I were planning to go see a Broadway musical, it most likely would not be about Michael Jackson. However, when somebody invites you as their guest, it’s hard to say no even if you do not have high expectations. Interestingly, the musical was quite exhilarating and enjoyable, although not as transparent. Not that it matters for most folks, the music and the early years of Michael’s life are nostalgic enough to go see the show….

The Harlem Fine Arts Show… Buying Black Art!

This year the Harlem Fine Arts Show celebrated its 15th anniversary in New York City, bringing together black art gallery owners, art collectives and artists to celebrate 15 years of ensuring opportunities for Black Art to thrive. Buying Black Art or what is sometimes referred to as African Diaspora Art has become increasingly popular among both novice and seasoned collectors of all nationalities. Yet there is still a long road to inclusion…

The Latino World Travel Fest… Creating a Path For Others to Venture

Did you know Latinos account for over $56 billion in leisure travel every year? Yet there is no national or regional community presence for empowering Latinos to connect and travel. Well, at least not until recently, thanks to what was started as an online community Facebook travel group. Latino World Travelers (LWT) seeks to empower Latinx to explore the world and diversify the face of travel. A pretty bold statement that certainly may me curious to attend their first in person conference this year …..

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