Podcasts are the new thing to binge on. They are the perfect companion for your next long ride, plane trip, daily walks or running trails. I discovered podcasts as an alternative to channel surfing and to embellish my daily walks, thanks to COVID. Just one minor problem to contend with…there are thousands of podcasts to choose from and never enough time to listen to those on your playlist. As summer approaches there are more opportunities to be outdoors as restrictions are lifted. It safe to assume that many of us plan to getaway so why not try adding podcasts to your daily or weekly routine and travels?

Why listen to Podcasts?

 1. First of all, they are free. All you need to do is use the podcasts app that comes with your mobile phone or download apps such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, NPR One, Pocket Cast.

 2. There are so many genres to choose … from storytelling, one-on-one interviews, short and long limited series… everything from art to history, science, politics, documentaries, and comedy. You name it; they have it.

3. They are surely a way to inspire, entertain and educate, offering you binge-worthy experiences.

4. They make routine tasks and exercising a lot less boring and help with passing time in a more productive way than just listening to music.

5. No need to carry anything but your phone and earbuds.


Podcasts I Recommend for the Summer

At present in my podcast library, I have over 20 podcasts that I listen to depending on the genre and what mood I’m in. In my selection of five (for now) I try to offer up something of interest for most folks. Here goes my list:

1. Spotify Renegade: “Born in the USA — “A series of conversations between former President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen about their lives, music and enduring love of America despite its many challenges”. I very much loved this series enough to write a review of the podcast. Click here if you missed it.

2. The Art Angle on Apple Podcasts — This is a weekly podcast that is just outstanding in bringing the biggest stories, trends and happenings in the Art World. For art junkies like myself or folks that want to learn more about the Art World this is a true educational journey.

3. NPR’s Rough Translation — is pure story telling of how culture, language and trends are interpreted in other parts of the world. You get this global perspective of intercultural experiences that reveal how small and misunderstood the world we live in is. I love that it takes me to far-away places I have never heard of exposing me to new learnings. Greg Warner is a super curator of stories and a pleasure to listen to.

4. Into America by MSNBC Trymaine Lee—This is a news worthy documentary podcast that takes a closer look at the Black experiences and injustices in our beloved nation. Many of the topics are on racial justice but also about policies and day-to-day politics that impact the poor, women, children, immigrants, and so much more. Trymaine, a Pulitzer- Prize journalist, is committed to letting his audience know why this is happening through his insightful dialogue and research. This podcast is part of MSNBC documentary news series that can also be streamed.

5. Travel Tales by Afar — Although travel has been at a standstill Afar continues to provide personal and immersive stories of travelers that will spark in you a desire to explore and travel. Not a bad way to fill your travel void and learn some new things and places to go.

I can go on with a longer list, but I will stop here. I plan to revisit this topic in the Fall as I discover new voices to listen to. For now, just grab your phone and earbuds and get moving.