The Coronavirus ….. A Cruel Awakening Scream

March 2020 will be remembered as a time of bewilderness, uncertainty, unstableness, overwhelmed, and helplessness as we globally experience what a pandemic is like. Our lives, our children, and our history will forever be shaped by what will be happening over the remaining year. For many, it will be a lost year of dreams, bucket list goals, year-end….

The Tradicional Rosca de Reyes

During my stay in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico during the epiphany week, I was able to partake in their traditional Rosca de Reyes (the classic King’s Cake) celebration. It’s interesting to see the different ways that….

The New York Times Travel Show

Don’t you just love reading the travel section of the NY Times without having to rustle through the rest of the paper? I do, which is why attending its annual travel show is worthy of a visit. This is my third visit to this show and surely will not be my last. The show is held generally on….

Book Review: The Art of Noticing—131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday by Rob Walker

Bookstores are hard to resist for me as I enjoy reading titles of books to see if any of them intrigue me enough to want to take one home. I tend to be a bit of a self-improvement nerd, so the title of this book made me think about my short attention span in what is a fast-paced work environment for most of us. How does one slow down and take notice? In fact, how does one gain or….

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