Why Art Fairs?
For the last ten years, I have been attending art fairs in many of the cities that I have visited during my travels and in New York City, about 35 minutes from where I live in New Jersey. I have listed some of the most popular art fairs both in the USA and internationally in case you are interested and are planning to visit these cities this coming year (assuming that the coronavirus does not cause their postponement or cancellation).  This is not an exhaustive list of all art fairs so feel free to comment on other fairs that I have missed. On an annual basis, I will include this list for the entire calendar year.
Here is my take as to why I wholeheartedly recommend attending art fairs whether you are a collector or an art enthusiast.
1. Generally, Art fairs are fun, allowing you to be in a stimulating creative environment that is inspiring.
2. These shows have galleries from all over the world, all in one central location for you to enjoy
3. Exposing you to new artistic trends and designs in the Art World that are continuously changing.
4. Lots of cool Art and exciting people doing uniquely innovative, sometimes quirky things.
5. Lots of fashionistas to watch, sometimes they are the show (my camera’s favorite part of the show).
6. Lots of selfies to take with your favorite art piece
7. The opportunity to buy Art, especially if you like it and it doesn’t set you back six months.
My photos are of many of these visits and the fashionistas that come to them, including my being present during the outrages “eating of the duct-taped banana” at last year Art Basel that got way too much international publicity.    Click on the pic to see them all (yes, that is me working my camera; no that is not a real child).  If you are interested in the Banana story click below:
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