Over 80 million households have watched Netflix’s Bridgerton since December when it first aired.   The acclaimed Shonda Rhimes has proven that with a limitless budget and creative license she can deliver lavish storytelling that is both provocative and scintillating.   As someone who has always loved period stories, Bridgerton is a  weird combination of Jane Austen, Downtown Abby, and Dynasty. 

 So much elegance,  opulence,  backstabbing, gossiping, and let us not forget love-love-love. Ladies and gents looking for romance and marriage hoping that it brings them both status and happiness (especially status).   In a world of privilege, what could be more important than attending balls, parties, and events in search of the right marriage?  You get to experience the pressure and limitations imposed on these women to have their parents, and in this case, a brother decides…..