More than a decade ago I came across an article (in one of those flight magazine)  about this Spanish chef, an upcoming food entrepreneur who immigrated to the US known for his introduction of Spanish cuisine, tapas (shared small plates) and the art of molecular gastronomy.   Besides noting Chef José Andrés’ many accomplishments, what mostly stuck in my head when reading this article, was his immediate commitment to volunteering at a Washington DC soup kitchen upon his arrival.   Over the next 12+ years, with a growing portfolio of 30 enterprises, we get to experience in this newly Emmy nominated documentary how one person can make such an enormous difference. How a simple concept of ” we feed people”  can create entirely new systems to combat what continues to be our indifference to climate change.   Kudos to Ron Howard and the National Geographic for undertaking the filming of how movements are created by people when governments and institutions don’t quite “cut the mustard”….