“Si te quieres divertir con encanto y con primor sólo tienes que vivir un verano en Nueva York”— El Gran Combo
The song “Un Verano en Nueva York,” which translates “A Summer in New York,” performed by the popular Puerto Rican salsa band “El Gran Combo “  captures people’s fascination with the city’s vibrancy and scale. It is a timeless homage to the Big Apple from the Latino community. A community whose history and cultural roots have left its imprint on the city’s landscape. Its lyrics evoke memories and dreams of living in the city, longing to return or be there.   In my case, it was about being there as I have never lived in the city. Spending 6 amazing weeks in Midtown, a bucket list dream I won’t forget soon. Hopefully inspiring others to make a similar leap. So how much was I able to cramp in those 6 weeks? Enough to want to come back again and again. Here’s what happened….