If I were planning to go see a Broadway musical, it most likely would not be about Michael Jackson. However, when somebody invites you as their guest, it’s hard to say no even if you do not have high expectations. Interestingly, the musical was quite exhilarating and enjoyable, although not as transparent. Not that it matters for most folks, the music and the early years of Michael’s life are nostalgic enough to go see the show….

As a birthday present, my dear friend Nilda invited me to spend the day in NYC to see the “MJ Musical” during the matinee hour. When we arrived, the line of both adults and children was around the block and clearly an indication of how much MJ is popular among today’s younger generation. For those who are on social media (which is almost everyone) you continuously see videos of young folks dancing to Michael’s music mimicking his dance moves, especially on Tic Tok. His music is more than 30 years old, yet it remains fresh in the eyes of today’s younger generation. The legacy of his music and dance will remain an essential part of the Pop World, regardless of his many demons.

The bio-musical is super entertaining, although it only focuses on the early part of his career when he was on top of his game and maybe a bit before all the scandals started to hit the press. The young actor playing MJ, Myles Frost reminds me of Austin Butler’s performance of Elvis Presley in the recent Elvis movie. He mimicked everything about MJ. His looks, dance moves and singing are superb and electrifying… you almost think it’s MJ.

The drama of the musical has a heavy focus on the relationship between MJ and his father and in some ways over time reveals how MJ actually becomes his father driven to being perfect taking risks with his relationships and finances as he feels he needs to remain on top at any cost. You do see the pill popping early on in his career which as we know, eventually led to his addictions and untimely death.

The musical is committed to narrating MJ’s creative process in the making of music, concerts, and videos intersected with his flair for fashion. In fact, the musical is really about the music and less about MJ, offering up a great mix of his most popular songs with explosive dance moves. Even though it is not as truthful about his entire life, you can see some of his childlike and destructive behavior as he ages through the show. After all, it is a musical, not a drama, and it would be hard to sing and dance to many of his scandals.

 As a high school teenager, I enjoyed his music when he was part of the Jackson Five. As a college student, I recall when he branched out as a solo act and later in life as I got older watching his dramatic captivating videos on MTV. For now, let’s just remember the joy that MJ brought to many through his music and charities and the barriers that he broke down as a young black man reviving the music industry… many people made quite a bit of money from his music and his many mistakes.

Overall, I highly recommend seeing the musical…(especially if you are someone’s guest). Now, all we need is to wait for the epic movie or another TV series that narrates all the other stuff.

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