As 2022 comes to an end, I can’t help thinking about what went well, and what didn’t. I remain stupefied over how quickly this year has left us. Yup, so much that I wanted to accomplish and didn’t quite get there. Yet, grateful to be alive and healthy to try again. In thinking back and reflecting on the events of 2022, we can be both grateful and disappointed at how the world is changing. Let me rephrase that… our humanity is changing. In reviewing all that we have seen and heard in 2022, here is my best shot at what made the cut for me.

Most Global Impactful Events of the Year (Warning: most of it is not good)

  • The first, clearly, was the impact of the January 6 insurrection, and how horrifying it was to continuously watch it live on television. For the first time, we experienced how fragile our democracy is still to this day. The good news was the power of this year’s vote that made a huge difference in the midterms and may set the stage for the 2024 election. A big thumbs up for the January 6th Committee hearings of which its meticulous investigation has left this country with an open book on American history.

  • A strong second is the Ukrainian war. Not so much that Putin had plans to invade it, but that the Ukraine people could be such fearless fighters. You can’t help but to be inspired by both their tenacity and victories. No doubt, the impact of this war is having serious global consequences, but nothing compared to those that are fighting it with their lives.

  • The overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court was both shocking and predictable. The signs have been there for some time. The beginning of what will be a continued onslaught on women and privacy rights. Will the chopping block get any bigger? This is where the voiceless and those who just want to get on with their life need to speak up. I love this quote by the advocacy group Breakthrough “Our freedoms come from movements, not from the courts”. Need I say more?

  • Although we are learning to live with COVID, the pandemic is still creating havoc. As the result of two pent-up years, we are now experiencing higher inflation and interest rates, the almost certainty of a recession, and a shaky and unpredictable stock market. This is happening even as unemployment rates remain the lowest ever and consumer spending is still up. How is this possible? It would be great if our economists can do a better job than the local weatherman.

  • One more “less noticeable” global event (that made the cut) is the growing migrant and refugee problem. According to the United Nations, just this year alone, over 100 million people have been forced to leave their homes fleeing from being persecuted by others or desperately seeking a better life. We see this every day at our borders and the hate that comes with those who feel economically threatened or are intolerant of other cultures.

Best and Worst of Pop Culture….. moving on to something a bit less depressing

Pop culture is what keeps us sane when we are continuously bombarded with bad news and bad humans. It always entertains us, inspires us, and influences how we behave and engage with each other. Starting with the worst of pop culture, here are my picks:


  • Who did not see the slap this year? Yes, the slap Will Smith laid on Chris Rock. What more can we say that has not already been said…. celebrity privilege is just as bad as white privilege.

  • The court drama between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was pretty dramatic and toxic. First question, did all of it needed to be broadcasted? Second question was the verdict fair, especially if you are a Depp fan?

  • Being a genius does have its downfall. Ask Elon Musk who purchased Twitter for an outrageous amount of money, turning it into a rich man’s toy, becoming both an obsession and a sad commentary.

  • Social media addiction in 2022 has only continued to get worse, yet we all can’t stop watching TikTok. Nothing like a pet video to make my day.

Now the Good Stuff

  • Streaming has produced so many choices leading to wonderful programming. I love the option of watching a 10-episode series vs a two-hour movie where there is an investment in building the characters and sometimes drawing on historical facts.

  • This year my favorites were Netflix’s “The Crown” (the episode on the divorce was superbly well done); HBO’s “Gilded Age”, (ha! how the rich got richer); HBO’s “House of the Dragons” (oh, those magnificent dragons); Netflix’s “Bridgerton 2” (not as good as the first, but worth watching. After all, who doesn’t love a good romance adventure?); Netflix’s “Emily in Paris 3“, (hilariously funny and those killer designer clothes; Paramount +, “The Good Fight ” last season, (sad to see it go, but no doubt there will be at least one spinoff); and on Prime Video, “Rings of Power” (nothing like escaping into someone’s fantasy world). If you have already seen these and are looking for some inspiration, check out the award-winning CNN documentary on Chef Andre Jose (one of my heroes). Click here for a review on the film.

  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones must pay the Sandy Hook families almost $1 billion in damages for spending years falsely claiming the shooting was a hoax. Will this type of sanction put a stop to the disinformation aired on radio, social media, and TV?… I hope so. Watch out Joe Rogan and Fox News. I think there is a court day coming your way.

  • Serena’s well staged retirement, both classy and relevant on how to know when it’s time to try new things and leave why you are on top.  Love her spirit and tenacity.

About our Politics before calling it Quits

  • The Electoral Commission reported a voter turnout of 12,065,803, equating to 56.17% of registered voters. Much higher than prior midterm elections. Unlike other races, this election process stopped the election deniers, of which all but one lost (so much for a red wave). It was also one of the more significant turnouts among young voters and women. On the surface, this sound like great news, but let’s be cognizant that we are a very divided country with the voting percentages among both parties being too slim to claim victory by either side.

  • Kudos to two amazing women who know how to thrive in a male dominated political battleground. At 80, Nancy Pelosi has a long history of fighting and winning with such grace and dignity. Savvy enough to read the tea leaves and recognize it was time to turn over the leadership to a group of progressive leaders who were not all white men, and no one from the party dared to take her on. My second choice is Liz Cheney, who chose country over her party and yielded quite a bit of power as the Vice Chair of the January 6th Committee hearings (just like her daddy). Republicans who testify against (you know who) would have not done so if Liz had not persisted. She may not be in Congress in 2023, but don’t count her out yet.

Last, I want to channel Time’s Top 100 Photos of the Year by sharing Limitedlimitlessliving’s Top Photos for 2022. Choosing 20 photos was a bit arduous, as photography is a favorite pastime. This selection of photos represents mostly what inspired me this year, whether I am traveling, taking the subway or walking down a street. They vary from sunsets to landscapes to people interacting with each other. Remember to click the center of the photo to have a full view.

As we enter the new year, we have no idea what to expect and can only hope that whatever it is, we can make the best of it and be better for it. In 2023, I only wish for a better world that we all can live in and that we find within ourselves what makes us happy. Happy New Year!!!

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