Every year, most of us ponder about what will be different beginning January 1st. Is this the year where you will finally experience a breakthrough in what is holding you back? Have you given much thought to what the next 10 years of your life may look like? If not, I want to challenge you (at any age) to reflect on what will make this year that different and on a pathway to self-discovery. As we age, the pathway in front of us will become shorter than the pathway behind us.  There is so much we all want to do, yet time is not as abundant as one hopes.

Why Reflect?

Reflecting on your past successes, challenges and how the world has changed becomes a source of creativity and motivation towards planning a better future for oneself. It is a powerful tool for personal growth that benefits you and your loved ones.  Let’s begin….

Grab a piece of paper and think about what the past year has been like—the good and bad moments, mistakes made, achievements, challenges to overcome and of what you are most grateful and appreciative. From there, think about what the next 10 years of your life should look like. Write down what you would need to do in 2022 to incrementally start this personal journey. Committing to any change in our lives is hard to do, but worth the investment. There is no greater satisfaction than achieving a goal you worked hard for, especially if it leads to new opportunities and a happier you.

My Own Reflections and Personal Journey

I’ve already sat down and reflected on both disappointments and successes in meeting my prior goals. As an organizational development/strategic planning consultant, sometimes I could be a little obsessive about planning. Like everyone, I am also struggling with the restrictions imposed on me and my business by COVID.  However, I am optimistic about the future elimination of this insidious disease and the restoring of life as we know it, with some adjustments. I do worry about the polarization that exists today in our country, the racial divide, and the systemic patterns of inequality to all people of color worldwide. I also worry that we as a nation will become a plutocracy controlled by the 1%.  These are things I have no control over other than continuing to be a good humanitarian and an advocate for change.

  As I approach another birthday in March (celebrating and lamenting the last year of my 60s), the change that I have the most control over is how I want to live the rest of my life.  2021 was a good start for me in transitioning towards a retirement path. It allowed me to restructure my business to work part–time in 2022 with the goal of saying good-bye to my consulting practice in 2023.   Now, with fewer demands on my time in 2022, I can focus on wellness, reduce my carbon footprint, travel a bit more while working on my photography and blogging skills. What I am able to accomplish in 2022 will determine how transformative 2023 will be as I plan the sale of my home and the closing of my 38-year-old consulting practice to start something entirely new and different.

Let me wish all of you an amazing “well planned” new year, bringing your best forward regardless of what obstacles get in your way.  Remember, a dream can only become real if there is a plan to go with it. If interested, drop me a line if you like to chat more about this, as I am always curious to learn how others are planning for change.  Happy New Year !