Art Fairs are gradually finding their way back to cities while adjusting to a post pandemic climate. New York City alone has a half dozen shows scheduled during the months of September and October. I recently attended the annual Art on Paper Fair and was delighted to see a wide range of US and international galleries exhibiting recent works from a diverse selection of artists. What’s different about this show is its focus on artworks that are paper based. All works use paper as its medium, whether drawings, paintings, sculptures, or photography.   This art show generally incorporates a large-scale installation pushing the boundaries of paper as a medium that continues to be relevant in the Art World even as new technologies are invented.  

As expected, all COVID requirements of masking and proof of vaccination were in place; everyone was well behaved and kept their mask on all the time (one of the benefits of being in a Blue state). Held at Pier 36, the cost to enter the art fair averaged about $25.00 and was well attended. Art works were priced as low as $200 for prints and $25,000 for very large and unique art pieces.

Here is what I liked about the show….

This year’s art fair had quite a bit of artists available to chat with patrons and art lovers (sometime gallery staff can be so arthritic). One artist that I met was a young Asian man name Jason Chen from Philadelphia who also operates an art gallery with his partner. Jason specializes in the concept of photo weaving using copies of the same photos, forming an intrigue woven pattern that appears to move when you look at it from different angles.  Generally, you don’t see many artists playing both these roles since the business of running a gallery limits their time to be creative.  For more on Jason’s works and the Paradigm Gallery, click here.

I also enjoyed meeting the feature artist Samuelle Green, which upon entering the building you are immediately drawn to her sculpture installation comprising of thousands of pages from old-discarded books rolled into cones, stitched together with wire creating a massive cloud similar to a swirling tornado. I love her repurposing of old disposed books offering them a newly creative life. The exhibition took her three days to complete and practically a week to install at the show (quite remarkable, checkout her website).

There was a good amount of innovative and inspiring artwork that would make any room shine. Assorted novelty items and books for sale, plenty of food and drinks to buy and a stylish lounge to relax your derriere. There was even an on-the- spot printing studio where you can get items printed for free. One thing I most love about going to these art shows is taking photos of New York fashionistas that become part of the art scene.



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 Attending Art Fairs: Why go?

I wholeheartedly recommend attending art fairs, whether you are a collector or an art enthusiast. Art fairs are fun, allowing you to be in a stimulating, creative environment that is inspiring…. a mood lifter. These shows have galleries from all over the world, all in one central location for you to enjoy. The shows expose you to new artistic trends and designs in the Art World that are continuously changing. There are always lots of cool Art and exciting people doing uniquely innovative, sometimes quirky things. As mentioned earlier, lots of fashionistas to watch both of good and bad taste. Lots of selfies to take with your favorite art piece and let’s not forget the opportunity to buy Art, especially if it doesn’t set you back six months. My photos are of many art works I found interesting and of some fashionistas including a self portrait of yours truly.


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