March  2020-2021  will always be remembered as the beginning of a lost year for most of us. As I reflect on this past year committing to self-care and dressing up went out the back door. No spa, no pedicure, haircuts, even wearing jewelry made no sense. Shopping online and zooming became our connection to the rest of the world and will most likely be with us post COVID. Frankly, the convenience is mind-blowing. (I hate driving to Home Depot to buy a light bulb or some silly contraption that you have to hunt down). Also, as much as I yearn to have face-to-face meetings, I have a growing appreciation for Zoom’s efficiency. But these minor inconveniences are not what defines this past year.

Reflecting on the Dark Side

 This past year has been insane with COVID being one of many disruptions to our way of life. The racial divide and the systemic pattern of inequality to People of Color has produced worldwide demonstrations and a reckoning that is still undefined. Voter suppression and disinformation has victimized national and local elections. Thankfully, these efforts were unsuccessful at stopping a much-needed change in leadership. Finally, a failed insurrection at our capital to stop the certification of our new president still raises questions on whether our democracy is safe. A year that started in March and ends in March will not be easily forgotten. There will be volumes written  for us and the next generations to ponder over.

Reflecting on the Positive

Clearly this was a year to lower expectations, to pace ourselves, have more acceptance of the reality that life is not about meeting deadlines and racing to the front seat or achieving the next ambitious goal but to slow down, smell the flowers, engage with folks as much as you can and help others less fortunate. So many neighborly stories and random acts of kindness happening every day.

 This was also the year of folks recommitting to long overdue bucket list wishes and resolutions, finally finding the time to get inspired and challenged. It was also the year to be creative, whether it was channeling your artistic side, becoming a gardener, completing an overdue home improvement project, becoming a solo entrepreneur, learning a new skill or purging and downsizing one’s home or waistline. Plenty more COVID-Inspired projects to celebrate success as we enter a new yet different COVID Year in 2021.

Ideas on Celebrating Covid Inspired Anniversaries while Sheltering

 Anniversaries matter! They represent milestones that celebrate the positive things in our lives, especially during what has been a surreal year. Whether it is celebrating a year of significant change or overcoming COVID, just make plans and go for it (what else is there to do). Being that we still need to shelter as more of us become vaccinated, what are ways we can celebrate success? Here are five.

1. This may be the time for expanding your pod to include vaccinated friends/relatives to start small get-togethers and enjoy a meal or have a wine down.

 2. Author an inspirational quote and share it on your social media platforms and don’t forget to tag it #CovidInspiredAnniversaries

3. Set up a photo shoot celebrating your covid inspired project (with you in it) or a family portrait showing gratitude. Dress up for it and make it a fun photo and share it on all of your social media platforms and on that refrigerator door. Also make postcards and send them out to friends and family, encouraging them to do the same. These are important memories to record as the years go by.

 4. Select a recipe for a cocktail spirit of your choice, do a live video on Instagram and Facebook teaching folks how to make the drink and celebrating your success. (This is what I chose to do. Click here to see the video.)

 5. Set up a meetup at a park for a walk or hike with your pod, bring a picnic basket with healthy snacks and wine for a wine-down after a 5 mile trek to celebrate.